What are the top 10 everyday maintenance services/requests for historical home repair?

  1. Repair and/or replace Exterior Rotten Wood, soffits, fascia and siding
  2. Rebuild or repair front and rear porch flooring and ceiling boards including railings
  3. Sanding, prepping and painting exterior of Homes (replacing bad wood with new as needed). And yes, we have lead certified technicians.
  4. Scraping, Sanding and painting interior Baseboards, Doors, Trim and Windows
  5. Foundation, repointing and other brickwork Repairs
  6. Rebuilding rotten window frames, sill and sashes. Assisting in the structural repair of historical windows as well as re-glazing and repairing windows
  7. Re-squaring of doors and replacing of rotten Wood jambs from exterior water damage-WDO work
  8. Repairing detached 1920’s garages, adding shelving, replacing garage doors and just overall…making them useful for the modern family
  9. Repairing drywall and plaster for leaks or settling cracks. Re-caulking around tubs and sinks and re-grouting small to full bathroom showers
  10. Manipulating existing spaces to create walk in closets and new doorways.
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