Not Your Average Contractor

Not Your Average Contractor

At Centerbeam Construction, our mission is to deliver a quality product, on schedule and within budget.

CenterBeam Construction Co (CB) is a full-service building contracting company, serving residential, multi-residential and commercial clients in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area with an emphasis on historic properties. Established in 2007 by co-owner and contractor Christina Starmer, CB has earned a reputation for historic design principles for the modern-day client. The company has been recognized for its inspired design and green building techniques. CenterBeam has also been nominated to participate in the Annual Tour of homes over 6 times and has been recognized for being the Best Of Service multiple years in a row.

CB prides itself on bringing experienced trades and subcontractors to each project with a shared mission to deliver on schedule, on budget and at an unprecedented level of service. The company fosters a drama-free and cleanly job site and projects are under constant review so issues can be navigated with the least disruption. This is an important key when dealing with historic home renovations. With an end result as being a highly personalized service as the hallmark of the firm.

Meet Our Craftsmen


Project Manager

Jeff has over 20 years experience in the construction field working on his own remodels and those for others. Prior to working with CenterBeam, he owned a business for 16 years and excels at customer interaction, customer service and job management. He is well versed in carpentry, framing and solving all problems associated with an older home. It’s no wonder why why his nickname is MacGruber. And one interaction with Jeff will help anyone understand why everyone speaks so highly of him.

Christina - CenterBeam Construction Building Contractor

Building Contractor

It’s been over 10 years that Christina has held the official coveted contractor’s license but she’s been dabbling in design and construction for over a decade. She is a Florida native who has always enjoyed history, nostalgia and a challenge. After 18 years of running a lucrative retail business, she simply decided it was time to pursue a more fulfilling life. One that offered a better balance between home, work and happiness. And along came CenterBeam. It was simply a natural choice as it encapsulated everything she enjoyed.

Steve - CenterBeam Construction Lead Trim Carpenter

Lead Trim Craftsman

Steve has always been interested in building things and he has been in construction ever since he can remember deciding against computer programming. He has been working with CenterBeam for over 7 years and shows appreciation for all things old and historic. And it certainly shows up in his work. Our clients are always happy with the final outcome. No matter if it’s a standard five inch  baseboard, a custom built vanity or specialty tongue and groove boards that he milled on site to match an existing old porch ceiling.

Chloe - CenterBeam Construction Design Coordinator

Design Coordinator

When not traveling around in Europe, Chloe’ helps to bring design expertise when it comes to finishes, color, layout and final touches. She’s practically grown up in the construction world since her parents started remodeling when she was young. Not only is she familiar with the older terms like lath, window muntins, picture rail and wainscoting but she also has a keen ability to bring a flair of the contemporary to every historic design that helps to attract a modern family.


Estimator & Project Manager

Mattie Wissing started her career in construction management and estimating eight years ago. She cultivated her passion for the building arts as a kid exploring abandon buildings in downtown Jacksonville. After completing her B.A. in Historic Preservation and Community Planning from the College of Charleston in 2011, she travelled and worked for several award-winning commercial and design-build firms located in Washington D.C and Austin, TX before returning to Jacksonville to continue her career in construction. Mattie brings a unique set of skills to the CenterBeam Construction Team, with a keen eye for design and a sharp pencil on costs. She is thrilled to be back in her hometown and working within the Historic Communities with CenterBeam Construction. When Mattie isn’t hard at work with Centerbeam she is tooling with her own remodeling projects on her home in Atlantic Beach.


Katie Shoda

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Katie graduated from Bob Jones University in South Carolina with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design. After graduation, Katie returned to Jacksonville to pursue her career in Interior Design and Real Estate. Her expertise in remodeling and drafting homes has gained her many clients and has given her key insight into the real estate business. Katie specializes in all facets of the Real Estate business whether it be guiding the way for first time home buyers or working with investors on finding that perfect distressed property. She is also the lead agent working on historic properties within our sister company, CenterBeam Real Estate. In her spare time Katie is an enthusiastic member of the community and enjoys running, cooking, trade fairs, and showing clients the best Jacksonville has to offer! To find out more about Katie, please click the link below or email her at [email protected] She’s a perfect candidate to list your older home or find you the perfect old house to buy!

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