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We’ve been lucky enough to gain over 20 years experience working on older homes in the Jacksonville area.

In that time, we’ve witnessed some crazy things brought on by poor workmanship or simply by natural causes when wood is exposed to the lovely Floridian climate of extreme heat and moisture.

We’ve also noticed along the way, that over 50% of our business is repairing, replacing and rebuilding such things as window sills, wooden sashes, siding boards, soffit tails, porch railing, floor boards and fascia. That is why we take on Exterior Home Repair requests. Not only has this helped with the overall maintenance of 100’s of older homes, but it has also created peace of mind for those who truly want their home to outlast their legacy


What Is An Exterior Home Audit?
An exterior Home Audit is when you schedule with CenterBeam Construction to do an exterior inspection of you home. This will include: Windows, Doors, Siding, Fascia, Soffits, Trim, Tails, Porch Boards, Porch Ceilings and Railings.

Why Do we do this?
Because usually by the time we get the call, the damage has gone on far too long and is now a costly repair for the homeowner. By catching the problem (like exposed wood) before it starts to rot, we can help to maintain the home’s original integrity and save the homeowner money all in one full sweep.

So how much is this?
Each 1 story (up to 2000 sq. ft) audit is $199 and each 2 story (up to 3000 sq. ft) audit is $299. We are usually on premise a full hour and will provide the homeowner with a list of suggestions and things we found when we return their home audit estimate to them. Should the audit take more than an hour, the cost of the estimate will rise $85 each additional hour used. (Some houses have a lot of additional rot and repairs and require more time on premises)

Is this important?
By all means, yes. The majority of homes that CenterBeam Construction works on were built “pre-war” and made with natural materials like masonry, stone and wood. All of which will last indefinitely if properly cared for and maintained. If not, then minor repairs and maintenance can quickly turn in to major expenses.

What do you get?
You will get your very own historic craftsman to meet you at your home.

What will he do?
He will inspect all exterior areas on windows, doors, siding, fascia, porches and railings.

Will I get an estimate?
Of course. He will also go ahead and create an Estimate of time and materials needed to repair any issues found. You will be sent a cost estimate of repair within approx 7 to 10 days. This takes a little more time than a newer house because of the materials needing to be sourced and the custom nature of these old homes.

Why does this take about a week?
Because these old houses are typically built with custom materials that we have to get specialty pricing for.

What next?
Once you receive your estimate of repair, you can then either schedule with CenterBeam for repair or  simply know what’s wrong and take our suggestions to repair it yourself. Either way, we’re just happy that the home is being taken care of 🙂

Is there more?
Of course there is! Should you use us for the repair, we will be more than happy to refund $100 from the original audit as a thank you gesture of good will just for using our services.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I worked with Centerbeam Construction for the first time a couple months back and was extremely pleased with the entire process. From the first phone call with Christina, to the follow-up after the project was completed, it was a non-stressful, pleasant experience. It’s nice to deal with a company that keeps in touch, schedules your project realistically, and completes the project on time.”


“I am very satisfied with the quality of work that was done on my historic house. The specialty wood that was made for the job matched with the old wood perfectly. The craftsman who cut and installed the materials did a great job. The company owner kept me abreast of what was happening every step of the way. This is my second construction job with CenterBeam Construction.”


“I have had the pleasure of witnessing several full renovations CenterBeam Construction has facilitated in the historic districts of Jacksonville, Florida. The owners clearly have integrity, are fair and realistic with project time frames, understand and respect the guidelines enforced by historic district preservation and displayed honesty and transparency with their clients.”


“Very professional workers. All four projects completed in a timely manner and quality workmanship. Would hire this Company on any future projects.”



Hands Up If This Sounds Like You…


• You have a love of historic homes
• You’ve recently bought an older house OR you’ve lived in one for years
• You admire the special details that make up the other historic homes in your neighborhood
• You want to keep your home looking nice so it’ll last another 100 years
• You see issues on your home but don’t know exactly how to make the repairs Or..
• You just don’t have the right tools
• When do you find the time?

You need someone to “help” care about your house and you want to keep it looking nice and in good working order

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