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CenterBeam Construction is an award winning construction company committed to quality, historic craftsmanship and design.

We combine what is most important within the design and implementation which takes creativity, teamwork and skill. All are qualities that CenterBeam Construction is known for.

We do what’s right by our customers and we believe in the purity of good relationships. We are often told that our reputation of excellence precedes us, and for that, we smile each and every time.

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Maintenance & Repairs:
There are countless projects that come up on homes throughout the year and CB can help with almost every one of those projects. And our specialty is working on old homes. Lets face it, the Floridian climate is tough on home exteriors. Especially wood rot and termite damage. But that’s not all. There’s occasional drywall/plaster repair, trim work and paint services needed too. That is why partnering with a company that can provide regular maintenance can help to keep your repair costs down and your home looking top notch throughout the year.

Historic Renovation and Repairs:
CenterBeam has been helping to transform historic houses into newly renovated useful homes for almost a century. Our specialty is adding modern conveniences while keeping the historical integrity of the existing home. We even help our homeowners lower energy bills with higher efficiency standards and implementing greener ways of living in a older home.

Design and Additions:
This is where we shine. CenterBeam helps each client through the design process and assists with getting the plans approved through the planning department and the historic commission. Our full house assistance program helps with permitting, obtaining a COA, drawings, plans, inspections and scheduling.

Interior Remodels:
If continued practice makes you good at something, then CenterBeam is the super-star of interior remodels. This could include anything as basic as adding a pantry and removing a wall to reconstructing a master bathroom and building out the kitchen of your dreams. Throughout the entire time, making the remodel aesthetically pleasing to the remainder of the home.

Bad Wood Replacement and WDO:
Realtors Welcome! Our valued relationships place us as the #1 go-to company to help bring contracts to close. We know how important it is to get timely repairs resolved after an inspection report has been received and try our best to make it an easy process from start to close.

Structural Repairs:
Having issues with sagging floors, rotted wooden window sashes or out of square doors? CB can offer assistance with floor joists repairs and structural issues including piers, bricks, repointing and framing.

Old Window Restoration:
CenterBeam can help your windows in many ways. We can rebuild the wood sashes, help with restoring the hardware and mechanicals, remove old paint and putty, replace the sill or trim if needed and glaze and paint by hand. Do not replace. Window restoration is the core of preservation – Call us to restore your window(s) today.

Detached Garages:
Many historic homeowners find themselves in need of a garage or a repair of an existing detached garage. Both we can assist with. From drawing up plans and building new to adding longevity to what is already on premise.

Commercial Build Out and Repair:
CenterBeam has many years of experience working with Property Managers and Board members in regards to exterior renovations, interior apartment remodels, Condo renovation projects and Office Interior Re-Design. We understand that good communication is critical. So before construction begins, we have a clear understanding of all wants, needs and concerns which enables us to be responsive to the needs of all parties involved.

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