Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work on “historic” house renovations and additions?

No. There is no question that our main focus is on historic properties but we will gladly take on other projects that fit within our scope of work.

What makes your contracting services different from others?

CenterBeam Construction is run by a female certified building contractor who has been living and working on buildings in the Riverside/Avondale historic district of Jacksonville, Florida since the company began. Any contractor, worth his/her weight can coordinate and oversee an addition or remodel, but when you pair the construction knowledge of Cb with over 20 years of experience working on historical properties, you have a match made in heaven. The craftsmen at CenterBeam Construction are aware of the unique nature of how Jacksonville’s older homes were constructed and the best way to care for them. Not only that, but the staff are experts in moving projects through the necessary permitting process with the historic commission and the City of Jacksonville. We know what it takes to get your job done properly and legally to avoid expensive change orders and help to keep each one rolling on time.

What size projects do you do?

We have a few departments within our company that focus on different tasks. That allows us to take on various sizes of projects. Within the historic district, the most challenging task is simply taking care of these homes on a regular schedule. That is why we offer yearly maintenance services which usually takes 1 to 3 days to complete. But our main focus is still remodels and additions with the modern family in mind. We’ve carried out projects as small as a few hundred dollars and as large as close to a million dollars. We’re happy to discuss your project with you. And If we can’t fit it into our schedule, we’ll try to help you find a reputable contractor that can.

Can you help us with the design phase?

Yes, CenterBeam Construction can help you a few different ways. We can offer in-house design services and we also have a network of architects and designers with whom we work as well. Each project is different. Depending on the type of your project, where it’s located, and other factors, we can recommend which is best for you. Furthermore, we can provide insight into construction materials, methods, and costs that will help your project get off to a great start. Of course, some projects don’t require the services of an architect. For those, we can help prepare a scope of work and a list of suggested materials in advance of providing a cost estimate.

I’m interested in “green” construction. How much experience do you have in this area?

Saving historic homes from demolition is the ultimate in green construction. We have extensive experience in the best practices for insulating old houses, refurbishing windows, using reclaimed materials, adding instant water heaters, salvaging original floors, adding, digital thermostats, solar light tubes and more.

I need help planning my kitchen renovation. Where do I turn?

Calling on CenterBeam Construction is your best choice.  Our specialty is kitchen and bathroom renovations and we have done plenty for experience which has resulted in great client reviews. We can help you in the design phase to bring your ideas to reality and to keep with the style and look that complements the age and architectural style of your home.

What are the top 10 everyday maintenance services/requests for historical home repair?
  1. Repair and/or replace Exterior Rotten Wood, soffits, fascia and siding
  2. Rebuild or repair front and rear porch flooring and ceiling boards including railings
  3. Sanding, prepping and painting exterior of Homes (replacing bad wood with new as needed). And yes, we have lead certified technicians.
  4. Scraping, Sanding and painting interior Baseboards, Doors, Trim and Windows
  5. Foundation, repointing and other brickwork Repairs
  6. Rebuilding rotten window frames, sill and sashes. Assisting in the structural repair of historical windows as well as re-glazing and repairing windows
  7. Re-squaring of doors and replacing of rotten Wood jambs from exterior water damage-WDO work
  8. Repairing detached 1920’s garages, adding shelving, replacing garage doors and just overall…making them useful for the modern family
  9. Repairing drywall and plaster for leaks or settling cracks. Re-caulking around tubs and sinks and re-grouting small to full bathroom showers
  10. Manipulating existing spaces to create walk in closets and new doorways.
How much should you expect to pay, if anything, for an estimate, inspection or CenterBeam contractor consultation?

If you want to know how much it will cost to repair something, then it all depends on what you are asking. Often times, this can be ball parked by a general photo sent via email or text. (Ex: Replacement of bad wood around a door jamb). Free estimates are most common for uncomplicated jobs such as pressure washing or window washing or drywall repair.

If you want us to try and determine the source of a particular problem, then you will pay a small fee for the diagnosis. Our fees are $75 per hr-rounded up by each hour. A typical diagnosis averages $200. This is most common in older homes, as technicians need to use processes of elimination to pinpoint the cause. (Ex: moisture issues from an attic or water intrusion from outside siding to inside drywall).

If you have a larger project in mind and want an initial consultation, then there would be no charge. The first walk through appointment is simply to discuss your ideas and wants. To answer your questions and to view the space. There is no charge for this service.

Often times, after meeting with clients, they would like to receive an estimate prior to drawings to see if it fits within their budget. These larger, more elaborate projects-like a bathroom or kitchen remodel-may require more time to create a projection of costs to determine if you want to move forward to the design phase. The original estimate for this request assumes a lot of typical finishes (example: typical appliance package in a kitchen design) and will cost around $300

Once you determine you would like to move forward, you will move into the design phase is around 3% of the overall targeted job costs. This is when all measurements will be taken, before and after demo plans will be drawn and a scope of work will be discussed.

  • "Centerbeam Construction has just completed a WDO job for me that was originally scheduled with another contractor who had to pull off the job due a family emergency. From bottom to top this is one of the most professional companies I have ever done business. The quality of work really blew me away. Challenge areas were met beautifully. Leadership outstanding. Bottom line they do what they say they will do and more. They exceeded my expectations and completed a difficult project with time to spare. I highly recommend this Company for promptness, quality of work, price, and being true to their word."

    Don Norris
  • "We added 400+ sq ft to our home, including a master suite/bath, walk in closet and large laundry room. Christina and Jeff Starmer were amazing to work with (like family). Their focus is outstanding customer service, quality construction, and diligent scheduling to get the job done. We were extremely satisfied with the end result."

    The Marino Family
  • "Working with CenterBeam Construction has truly been a pleasure. From the very beginning, Christina and Jeff Starmer have been open, flexible, engaging and extremely responsive. All of our ideas were met with "we can do that" and they made every effort to make our dreams a reality."

    John Williams
  • "I hired Centerbeam Construction for my 1937 Bungalow kitchen renovation and could not be more pleased with the outcome of this project. With guidance from Christina and the team she helped assemble, my kitchen went from the ugliest room of the house to the main attraction! Christina and Jeff held my hand the entire way, from design to cutting back to the bones of the structure and rebuilding. They are my go to company for any home repairs."

    Susan Kennerly
  • "We have used Centerbeam for two projects: renovation of our front porch and building a new garage. They did an outstanding job on both! They are very easy to work with and are very conscientious of every detail. You can tell that customer satisfaction is their number one goal and they have met that with us."

    Mark Himes
  • "Centerbeam Construction has done numerous projects repairing our buildings at The Townhomes of Bigtree in Jacksonville, Florida over the last several months. The quality of Centerbeam Construction's work is outstanding, and we plan on using their construction and repair services for our community on an ongoing basis in the future."

    Larry Kahn
  • "Christina and Jeff are exceptional at creating a vision for renovating a space and then executing that vision. I encourage anyone who is interested in a renovation or remodel to check out their work during the Riverside Avondale Home Tour or stop into the office. You'll be blown away with the craftsmanship, and they're both very approachable and can explain the renovation process and how to get started. Couldn't be happier with the way our bathroom turned out!"

    Jeff Lendvay
  • "Amazing home renovations!!! Definitely the best contractors in the business! 10/10 Would recommend."

    Zorana Zoric
  • "Jeff and Christina are amazing to work with! They did a bathroom renovation for us. Very professional, easy to get in touch with, and truly cared what we wanted. We will definitely be using them in the future! Thanks again."

    Jonathan Horne
  • "What a great bunch of people! You won’t be disappointed!"

    Kendra Walden

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