How much should you expect to pay, if anything, for an estimate, inspection or CenterBeam contractor consultation?


If you want to know how much it will cost to repair something, then it all depends on what you are asking. Often times, this can be ball parked by a general photo sent via email or text. (Ex: Replacement of bad wood around a door jamb). Free estimates are most common for uncomplicated jobs such as pressure washing or window washing or drywall repair.

If you want us to try and determine the source of a particular problem, then you will pay a small fee for the diagnosis. Our fees are $75 per hr-rounded up by each hour. A typical diagnosis averages $200. This is most common in older homes, as technicians need to use processes of elimination to pinpoint the cause. (Ex: moisture issues from an attic or water intrusion from outside siding to inside drywall).

If you have a larger project in mind and want an initial consultation, then there would be no charge. The first walk through appointment is simply to discuss your ideas and wants. To answer your questions and to view the space. There is no charge for this service.

Often times, after meeting with clients, they would like to receive an estimate prior to drawings to see if it fits within their budget. These larger, more elaborate projects-like a bathroom or kitchen remodel-may require more time to create a projection of costs to determine if you want to move forward to the design phase. The original estimate for this request assumes a lot of typical finishes (example: typical appliance package in a kitchen design) and will cost around $300

Once you determine you would like to move forward, you will move into the design phase is around 3% of the overall targeted job costs. This is when all measurements will be taken, before and after demo plans will be drawn and a scope of work will be discussed.

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