Do You Have a Color Conundrum?

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Hall BathroomHistoric homes might be old but the paint inside doesn’t have to be.

It seems like I’ve said it a million times…what you need is paint, paint and then more paint.

Many of our clients want to change their home because they simply don’t like how it looks. They think that moving a wall or two will totally transform the space. But often times, the layout is just fine and with the proper lighting and paint, they would be satisfied and more than happy.

Truth be told, I’ve hired color experts on many past projects. This is not a task that you should take lightly. My suggestion would be to have a color expert walk through your home and have a brief conversation about the space and your plans. Things to take in to consideration will be the lighting, amount of windows, furniture, overall decorations, style of house and flooring (dark wood, white tiles, red rug?) To find the best color that will work in each room has a lot to do with…a lot. And for this service, you will pay upwards of $125 per hour. Too steep? Consider the hours that you will spend at the paint store sifting through swatches and purchasing small samples. Then painting the samples on the wall, looking at them in the morning, the afternoon and in the evening light…then realizing the color changes and not being able to make up your mind.

Consider it the best investment that you will make all year. A good colorist can find the scheme for your entire house. Including all trim, doors, walls and ceilings. Yes, I said ceilings and for good reason. Many times, they are given minimal attention, and are almost always some sort of white. But remember the ceiling of the new chic restaurant that you just had dinner at? I bet it had a beautifully colored ceiling. The small details matter. And everything of color should resemble a small detail.

TIP: If you love a color but it’s a bit too bold, consider using it as an accent color on one wall. Too much of a good thing might not be a good thing. And keep the trim the same throughout the house.

Some of Christina’s Go to Colors:

Trim Paint: Chantilly Lace semi-gloss

Wall colors: Agreeable grey, Cargo Pants, Berkshire Beige, Coastal Fog

Door Color: Martha Stewart Milk Can

Deck Boards or Porch Floor: Stuart House Brown

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