The Happy House

Hands Up if you live in an older home…really old. Like 100 years old. And it needs work from the ground up. I’m talking a lot of foundational repairs. They’re the worst! All of the stuff that needs to be done for a house to function properly which you’ll spend lots of money repairing and never really see the results. After all, the repairs lie below the floors. If you’re anything like me, it’s the icing on the cake that makes the cake look so pretty. And when it comes to houses, it’s the tile, the wallpaper the shiny floor and glass door knobs that really pop.

Well, this one needed everything, but it’s good bones and nice flow made it a candidate for a CenterBeam to purchase and work on as another official restoration project. Basically it just needed some love. LOTS of love!

If any of this sounds familiar, then you’ll be able to appreciate the amount of sweat equity that went it to restoring this old home to give it another 100 years of life.

We’re so happy to share this house with the world. And so happy that it is finally complete.Which is basically the reason, why we’re calling it…The Happy House. I hope you like it and maybe find a few nuggets of inspiration for your own home as well.

Inspiration Photos

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