Shabby Chic Kitchen Remodel

This 1922 bungalow kitchen did well for many years as-is but was simply destined for bigger and brighter things. The homeowner’s wanted to open up the adjacent eat in kitchen nook to make one large kitchen. During renovation, they also decided to capture the historic nostalgia by keeping some of the exposed brick and lath open for all to see and used as the final finishes. All original windows remained and were simply re-caulked, sanded, reglazed and painted. Outdoor tiles were used indoors and many items (such as doors and lights) were re-used in creative ways. This Shabby Chic kitchen most definitely is custom built and has a style all of it’s own. Perfect for future friend gatherings and lots of breakfast coffees. So peak around at the final photos. But look real closely to this one. You will then start to notice the little nuances that make it so special. The beauty of this kitchen shines with the small attention to detail around every nook and cranny.

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