Graceful Grey Master Bath

My all time favorite, Bungalows! And this one is no exception.  On a side-note, I must add that I have found that the homeowners who live in these bungalows are quite special as well. Just like their homes, they like simple lines, natural light, quality craftsmanship and cozy decor. The homeowner’s here just knew that it was time. Their poor outdated, DIY bathroom was restored by the previous homeowner back in the 80’s. Mirrored closet walls, low ceilings, a closed in shower with no light and home depot vanity and tile basically made up the original bath. But oh, look at the change now. This bathroom and adjoining bedroom now have a new leaf on life. Fresh grey tones and crisp white trim adorn the walls. Modern mirrors and shiny substrates such as the shower tile, flooring marble and vanity countertop allow for natural reflections. But the “pièce de résistance” is the custom wainscoting that we created onsite that gently cradles the dual mirrors and allows the homeowner to display artwork on the ledge at a future date. Hope you can find some inspiration here as well.

Sincerely, Christina and Jeff


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